The Immortal Sorcerer-King of Balic



level: 21
Alignment: Lawful Neutral.
Class: Wizard
Race: Unknown
HP: Lots
AC: Good luck hitting him.
Saving throws: Absurd.
Daily Spells: Possibly all the spells. Ever.


When the world was falling to ruin in the aftermath of the Primordial war, the desperate Senate of Balic turned to a powerful sorcerer to shield their republic from the doom that was burning Athas. The sorcerer who would become Andropinis agreed but only on the condition that they elect him Dictator for life. Looking upon this frail old man, powerful, but surely to die from the strain of halting the wrath of gods, they agreed.

Three thousand years later, he still rules the city with an iron fist. The Senate a shadow of its former self, thoroughly infiltrated by his templars. The Republic is now a Kingdom, expanding ever outwards to satisfy his hunger for change. It amuses the Sorcerer-King to hold free and open elections, for his most bitter critics and opponents to gain position and try and free the city from his grasp. He enjoys nothing more than outmaneuvering these upstarts and bending them to his will. The endless schemes of the senate and of the great merchant houses are the only respite from the boredom of his endless existence.


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