The Self-Appointed Governor of Fort White-Tail



Level: 12
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class: Fighter
Race: Dwarf

Prized possession: High Tide, a +2 Iron Sword of the Waves. Can extinguish any small or medium fire, magical or natural, and summon up to 1000 gallons of fresh water a day.


A veteran of countless wars, he made a name for himself as a mercenary in the Red Suns. Following a war between Urik and Tyr a decade ago, he stumbled upon a hidden oasis in the southern desert. Resigning his commission, he took his followers and used his personal fortune to build Fort White-Tail, a neutral safe haven in the harsh desert. His years on the battlefield are catching up to him, but he is still a shrewd negotiator and a dangerous warrior.

He is morally opposed to the slave trade, but isn’t will to pick fights about it. He won’t tel slavers inside the fort, but allows them access to the ramshackle city outside its walls. Prefers to live and let live. Maintains a small army to protect the fort and police his few laws.

Famous for his enchanted sword he found at the bottom of the oasis, supposedly a gift from a water elemental dwelling within.


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