Fort White-Tail

A stout granite fortress surrounding a natural oasis in the great southern desert of Athas. It lies at the new Northern border of Balic, following their expansion after the latest war with the desert nomads. It has long been a safe haven and refuge for those fleeing the slaver kingdom to the free city state of Tyr to the North, as well as a market and pit stop for those readying to brave the desert to try their luck in the South.

Following the decisive end of the war and the defeat of the last great wasteland king, Pharuan, Balic has pushed North and now stands ready to claim the fortress. The self-proclaimed Governor of the fort, Tiberius, has no desire to become another coin in Balic’s coffers and has made diplomatic gestures to Tyr, seeking an alliance with the free city state, if not annexation. However, many of the residents and business owners in the city growing outside the forts walls seek closer ties with Balic, their best customer.

Merchants, Templars, spies, thieves, mercenaries, slavers and mages are flocking to the oasis. Some seek to profit from this time of upheaval, other aim to use the chaos to slip undetected in and out of Balic or Tyr.

Fort White-Tail will become another sign of Balic’s expansion and military might, or a bastion for the downtrodden and enslaved to escape to freedom. Either that, or a smoking crater in the wasteland.

Fort White-Tail

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